There are many DIY (Do It Yourself) web creation tools available in the market. Many of them are 100% free. You can add your contents to the pre-designed templates and your website will be ready to serve the visitors.

In return, you allow them to put a link to their websites at the bottom of your web pages. This will help them generate traffic via your website, build brand and SEO related benefits.

This article attempts to explain when you should use this tools for website creation and why it is not a viable option for businesses who want some serious branding and complete control over their websites.

Free is free in terms of money. What about time, energy, efforts and quality?

Most of the time our understanding of cost revolves only around money! When we find someting where we need not pay money, we rush shopping. But what about other costs - cost of time, cost of energy, cost of worries, cost of losing opportunities and above all cost of long term sustainability and growth?

Cost of time

The most precious resource everyone has is time. People say nobody can buy or sell time but actually we can. Smarter people on the planet have been trading time for centuries. When you are not indulging in a task that can easily be done by someone else, you are buying his/her time.

When you are going for a free website, you are actually selling your precious time (just think to whom). All that DIY requires good amount of time to learn and work with. Make a total of that time and multiply it with your per hour worth in monetary terms. You will get the price of using them. If it is lower than what a web professional charges, you should go for the free website.

Wait, this is not be the conclusion. Read on...

Cost of energy

You body has to fight and kill hundreds of thousands of free radicals to keep you energetic. You take good food with anti-oxidants, wake up early, go to gym, do yoga and meditation and...what not just to maintain you energy level high and to stay healthy.

You can utilise you energy for more important and rewarding tasks than spending it on those Do It Yourself (DIY) tools to save a few bucks.

Cost of worries

A fact: many of the business worries/challenges can be managed just by knowing and using the right tool/technology for business. And a quality website is one of them.

Businesses worries affect health, disturb family-time and above all deteriorate quality of life.

If a quality website created by a professional can help you get rid off the business worries, it's worth its cost.

Cost of opportunity

When you opt for a free website, quality will be inferior mainly because of two reasons - first, these tools have their own limitations and second, website is not created by a web professional.

You may save a few bucks but what about those invaluable customers you are going to lose because of your poor website. Remember, every visitor is a customer and you never know how much business one can bring to you - Customer Life-time Value.

Business sustainability and growth

Or you can call it Branding if you want to use a technical term.

There are two ways of doing business work hard year after year, for a life time OR work smart for some years, build a brand and then carry on smoothly and grow, for a life time... or may be for generations.

I have seen both types of businessmen but unfortunately the former category has much higher numbers than the later. Do understand power of branding. We all call toothpaste by the name Colgate but never consciously realize the power of branding.

A free website is just pre-designed web pages linked together. They can seldom be an alternative to a quality website that builds a brand.

In a nutshell, nothing is free. A business website is an investment. Have you ever ever heard of free investment?

This article explains how a business website is an investment and not a cost!!

Hope this article will help you make well-informed decisions.

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