A static website with fixed number of pages is not enough in the "Content is King" era and businesses need features to manage their websites on their own - updating contents as well as writing blog articles. We created a CMS named AUMIZ and now onwards all websites created in eemlee package would be powered by AUMIZ.

What is AUMIZ?

AUMIZ is a CMS (Content Management System) we created exclusively for Google App Engine (GAE). GAE is the cloud servers by Google offered as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for hosting websites and applications. No need to say it is one of the best hosting infrastructure in the world which ensures 24x7x365 availability, reliability and blazing fast performance. The current site of eemlee you are using right now is also hosted on Google App Engine. In fact, 90% of our clients hosted on Google App Engine and some of them are on GAE since 2009.

If we have to describe GAE in one sentence, we would say It is Awesome .

If you didn't work with a CMS earlier, we will guide you. We are also creating simple to understand tutorials on Understanding and Using AUMIZ.

1. Update website contents

The AUMIZ is very easy to understand CMS which is designed for ease of use. Now you can update your website contents from the Admin panel without hiring any web professional. If you want to add interactive UI in content (e.g. accordion, tabs, panels), you should know basic HTML and CSS.

2. Add unlimited pages to your website

Now you can add as many pages to your website as you wish. When you add a page, corresponding menu and menu items are automatically created for you. Moreover, you can also set which menu and menu items would be visible on which pages.

3. Upload and manage images and other files

You can upload and manage all files needed for the website contents right from the Admin panel e.g. images, audio, PDFs of product brochures etc. Plus AUMIZ offers some interesting features like File Metadata that can help you create some amazing stuffs with the uploaded files in plain five minutes (like super awesome product galleries).

Moreover, it comes with the power of Google App Engine which means your files will upload and download very fast - great user experience.

4. Create and publish website widgets like breeze

A widget is a component on a web page that helps users to do things like navigate the site, share the content on social media, subscribe to the newsletter etc. The AUMIZ CMS has the feature where you can add many cool widgets to your website very easily, right from the Admin panel. Moreover, you can control which widgets will be visible on which pages of your website and at what location.

We are continuously adding more widgets to AUMIZ to make it more feature rich.

Hope this article will help you make well-informed decisions.

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