What is Google App Engine and why you should know about it?

In my opinion, Google App Engine is one of the best hosting infrastructures on the planet today and totally free to begin with. You, as a business owner must know about Google App Engine so you can take full advantage of this awesome infrastructure by none another than Google....

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What is Google Apps for Work and why you should use it?

You must be using emails for your business e.g. sales@yourbusinessdomain.com. Google Apps for Work provides such email accounts plus a bunch of tools that can make your team work collaboratively without any additional server/network setup or subscribing to any paid services...

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Now eemlee is powered by AUMIZ CMS

A static website with fixed number of pages is not enough for many small businesses and they needed features to update their websites on their own. Moreover, we also know that SEO and Social Media related aspects can better be managed using a CMS based website. So we decided to use AUMIZ CMS for creating...

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What is the difference between a website created with eemlee package and a business website created for Rs. 100K?

We offer both - eemlee package and the business website at a price point of Rs. 100k. We face this situation many a times when our clients compare the quotes and ask us what is the difference...

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Free website is not exactly free!!

There are many DIY (Do It Yourself) web creation tools available in the market. Many of them are 100% free. You can add your contents to the pre-designed templates and your website will be ready to serve the visitors...

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Business Website - Cost or Investment?

When I meet business owners, they talk about budget for their websites. This surprises me beyond imagination. Budget is a consideration when you are about to incur a cost, not when you are making an investment.

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Different costs for small business website

Because many people do ask. And those who don't, keep on wondering until they ask. So here is a beginners' guide to different costs associate with having and running a website for small business successfully.

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Parameters deciding price of a small website

Extremely subjective and many a times highly erratic - only because there are lots of factors that affect pricing of a project, some are quantifiable while the others are not. Here is a simple to understand guide to help you save

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Why we started eemlee?

When we launched eemlee.com in August 2012, many people asked why a website design service under an exclusive brand name. There are dozens of them on every business street of the world. Here is what we...

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eemlee vs. other popular website solutions?

In technology offerings, choosing exactly what you need saves money, time & energy and keeps things manageable. Here is the comparison of eemlee with other popular types of website offerings...

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