When I meet business owners, they talk about budget for their websites. This surprises me beyond imagination. Budget is a consideration when you are about to incur a cost, not when you are making an investment. When you are building a website for your business, you are actually creating a web property on the Internet. It is an investment, not a cost!!

Why people think website is a cost?

Honestly, only because they always have seen website working as a cost only never as an investment. Majority of the websites are designed without any specific goals in the mind. Rare are the websites that clearly tell visitors what they are supposed to do when they land the website. Most of them are just a bunch of web pages with lots of information stuffed in there - no consideration about visitors needs. No wonder, such websites cannot generate any returns for the business.

Buying an LCD is different than buying a stock!!

When you are out to buy an LCD or a smart phone, you may think of budget. But when you are in the stock market, you never think of budget, do you? You think of value. You choose a stock that can perform and give you mind-blowing returns. Similarly, when you create a business website, you should think of growing your business, converting more visitors to customers and building an independent, powerful brand over a period of time.

Attending business meetings wearing dirty clothes!!

Just imagine what will happen if you meet a business prospect in dirty clothes, worn out shoes and uncombed hairs. Irrespective of the quality of your products or services, you are going to lose the deal. First impression matter and it matters a lot.

Website is, in a sense, your first impression on the web - a true reflection of your business, your culture, your quality and above all your care for your customers. Having a bad website is like announcing on loudspeakers, "We don't care who you are and why you came here. Just have a look around if you can find anything useful and contact us if you have the itch to do business with us."

Making noodles is too slow, people on web are far quicker

As per the latest research by Google, when a visitor lands a website, he spends as little as 17-50 milliseconds to decide whether he would stay or move to the next one in the search results. Your website must have an impact, trustworthiness and sincerity to convince the visitors in 50 milliseconds or they are gone forever. May be to your competitor, listed next in the search results. Your bad website is a cost for you but a free party for your competitors and they will definitely rejoice it.

Handsome boys and beautiful girls attract more proposals

And it is very natural. Anything that looks decent inspires trust quickly. If your website is not attractive overall, unknown visitors have no reason to trust you and your business.

A decent website which has attractive color scheme, smart layout and well structured information, can establish confidence in the minds of visitors. It motivates them to explore your website for your products/services. It gives good returns in the form of more business inquiries and ultimately more customers.

So in a nutshell, have a professional looking website. It is a wise investment that will always earn you great returns - more customers and strong brand building.

Hope this article will help you make well-informed decisions.

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