In my opinion, Google App Engine is one of the best hosting infrastructures on the planet today and totally free to begin with. You, as a business owner must know about Google App Engine so you can take full advantage of this awesome infrastructure by none another than Google.

Here is the primer.

We have started creating websites in 2008 and the most pressing challenge we faced at that time was where to host our clients' websites.

This is very important because:

One fine day we came across GAE and decided to give it a shot. We created and hosted our first website on Google App Engine in 2010 and from that point onward there is no looking back. We simply fell in love with Google App Engine (GAE). And till the date GAE has never disappointed us.

Google App Engine (or GAE) is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering by Google. PaaS is a complete set of hardware and software infrastructure where you need not worry about installing, configuring, updating or managing anything other than your application. Everything else is managed by the PaaS provider i.e. by Google in case of GAE. We all can guess very easily what would be the quality and reliability of the infrastructure when it is owned and managed by Google itself.

It would not be an exaggeration when we say GAE is one of the best hosting infrastructures on the planet today.

Need proof?

Some of the popular brands like Khan Academy, Best Buy, Gigya etc have trusted GAE to address their hosting requirements. Here is the representative list of companies who have been using Google's cloud service offerings, GAE being one of them.

We know what your are thinking. How much does it cost? And the answer is zero. Yes, this is too good to be true but GAE is free to begin with. And at the time or writing this, there is no time limit for the free usage. GAE gives you daily quota of server resources totally free which would suffice for any website with low to moderate traffic. If you need more resources, you need to pay Google as per GAE's pay-per-use pricing model .

To sum up, here are the features that make GAE irresistible for website/application hosting

The website you are visiting right now i.e. is hosted on GAE. Our clients' websites like and are also hosted on GAE. Spare some time visiting these websites and feel the speed yourself. Needless to say, loading speed is one the most important factor of great User Experience (UX) - a success factor.

To highlight our confidence and commitment for Google App Engine, we have created AUMIZ - a smart CMS exclusively for Google App Engine and decided to use AUMIZ to power the websites of our eemlee clients.

If you have any question regarding GAE or AUMIZ or eemlee, please feel free to write to us. We are just an email away.

Hope this article will help you make well-informed decisions.

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