When we launched in August 2012, many people asked why a website design service under an exclusive brand name. There are dozens of web designers (freelancers and firms) on every business street of the world.

Here is what we replied.

"Exactly because of this. When a large number of people become a part of the profession, it is worthy to put in some efforts to take that profession to the next level of quality, usability and affordability. These efforts should be directed in such a way that small businesses can understand inevitability of a quality web presence and embrace the idea with willingness and joy. And the web presence (or website) should help them achieve their business objectives and thrive with success. Research data show that in every economy, small businesses own a significant portion and their success is ultimately the success of the whole economy."

We are on a mission to help small businesses succeed by making them more competitive at local and global level - via quality web tools and technologies.

We have invested more than 8000 human hours to understand challenges faced by small businesses when it comes to creating business website. Here thay are:

eemlee is our humble effort to give unified solution to all these problems faced by small business owners.

1. Order website like pizza

100% transparency, no shocking surprises, works great for your business.

With eemlee, you know very precisely what you will get in the website package, how much you will pay and what quailty you will get (by checking live websites of our clients). There are no frustrating surprises.

Just pick up the phone or drop an email to order a professional quality website, exactly same as you order pizza.

2. Professional quality delivery/services - check yourself

A whole book of 300 pages can be written on website quality but if you have an eye for aesthetics and appreciation for excellence, you can figure it out yourself what we mean by quality.

Just spare 15 minutes to compare our work with 10 randomly choosen small business websites and you'll know why eemlee is a better choice.

3. Timeliness, reliability, dependability and availability

We deliver completed website in time - maximum 15 days as described on our process page. We do what we say and don't say what we can't. And once we commit for something, you can depend 100% on us.

Most importantly, we are in the business with long-term vision and will be available to serve you whenever you need us - just a phone call or email away.

4. Post-project support and online success guidance

After the website launch, real story begins. You need to promote and utilise it (an investment) to generate returns for your business. We do provide hand-holding and guidance on how you can extract maximum from your online presence.

Most importntly, we will guide you what you should do and what to avoid, so you can focus your time and money on worthy and useful activities only.

Hope this article will help you make well-informed decisions.

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