Why it makes perfect sense to partner with us

  • Instant new revenue stream with least efforts
  • Access to our dedicated team that specialises in small business websites
  • Quality comparable with top notch web agencies
  • No worries, no surprises - its an all inclusive, 100% transparent website package
  • Unbeatable pricing - Rs. 12,000 (selling it below this would be a charity, honestly)
  • The way you want it to be - gray label (our price, invoice and branding) or white label (your price, invoice and branding)

A great opportunity for professionals, young mothers, housewives, college students

You will be our Business Associates (BA) and promote and sell eemlee package in your network - offline or online. In return, you will get fixed percentage sharing for each order plus attractive incentives for achieving winner-like milestones.

Moreover, we will provide all the know-how to make you super successful in the market space.

Your Client + Your Design + Our Development OR
Your Client + Our Design and Development

If you are unadulterated, hardcore advertising soul and prefer not to get into the web domain yourself, here is the opportunity to serve your clients with premium quality websites.

The best part is, you need not worry about any technicalities involved in domain, hosting and email setup or any development related hassles. Everything will be taken care of by us.

We design and do HTML/CSS, you manage the rest

If you are a small IT firm and prefer to go lean on costly design resources, here is the way.

You just give us the wireframe and we will design high quality layout and code it into standards complaiant HTML and CSS. You then add required javascript, embed server side scripting elements, deploy contents and host it at the servers of your choice.

This model has helped many small firms deliver professional quality websites to their clients.

We do everything, you just manage client relationships

If you already have a client-base and want to add additional revenue stream to your business, here is the perfect opportunity.

Partnering with us will add very promising, in-demand services in your portfolio which you can sell to your existing clients. You just maintain relationships with your clients and we'll manage the rest.

Fly an email to partner with us or call us on +91 94281 87889 to take it further from here.

Now eemlee is powered by AUMIZ - a powerful CMS created exclusively for Google App Engine, cloud servers by Google

A static website with fixed number of pages is not enough for many small businesses and they needed features to update their websites on their own. Moreover, we also know that SEO and ...

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What is the difference between a website created with eemlee package and a business website created for Rs. 100K?

We offer both - eemlee package and the business website at a price point of Rs. 100k. We face this situation many a times when our clients compare the quotes and ask us what is the difference...

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