We guarantee eemlee to be the most cost-effective solution when you compare apple-to-apple.

  Website with custom template Blank website with custom template Website with third-party template Blank website with third-party template
Domain 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email setup 2 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hosting setup Yes Yes Yes Yes
A copy of AUMIZ CMS 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Professional Template Yes Yes Yes 4 Yes 4
20 web pages Yes No Yes No
Google Analytics setup Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google Webmasters Tools setup Yes Yes Yes Yes
6 man-hours of maintenance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Awesome support and guidance Yes Yes Yes Yes
Price Rs. 14,999 Rs. 11,999 Rs. 9,999 Rs. 6,999
  1. If you already have a domain registered, we will provide additional one man-hour of website maintenance.
  2. If you already have setup emails on your domain, we will provide additional one man-hour of website maintenance.
  3. We will install a copy of AUMIZ CMS on Google App Engine on your Google account which you can use as long as you want.
  4. HTML website template to be purchased from the third-party vendors. We will convert the normal HTML+CSS+JS template into AUMIZ template.

Now eemlee is powered by AUMIZ - a powerful CMS created exclusively for Google App Engine, cloud servers by Google

A static website with fixed number of pages is not enough for many small businesses and they needed features to update their websites on their own. Moreover, we also know that SEO and ...

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What is the difference between a website created with eemlee package and a business website created for Rs. 100K?

We offer both - eemlee package and the business website at a price point of Rs. 100k. We face this situation many a times when our clients compare the quotes and ask us what is the difference...

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