The package includes exactly what you need for a professional quality website - nothing less, nothing more.

Domain of your choice -

At present, we are offering .com, .org, .net, .in,, .co, and .me domains. If you have a different choice, please let us know and we will arrange for that as well.

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Email setup on quality mail servers as per your choice and budget -

Email configured on your domain will give you professional identity like you@your-domain. We'll configure your domain for email services of your choice (we'll suggest).

Actual cost of the email service to be paid to the service provider by you.

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AUMIZ platform to run your website

A copy of AUMIZ platform to create and manage your website. AUMIZ is easy to use, content management system built for Google App Engine - cloud servers by Google.

Learn more about AUMIZ

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Professional Template

Template is what defines look and feel of your website. You will get a professional quality, smart-phone and tablet compatible template that suits your brand's business persona.

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20 web pages to begin with

We will create total 20 pages in your website. You can add as many pages as you want from the Admin control panel or ask us to do it utilising maintenance hours.

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How many people visited your website - Google Analytics setup

Google Analytics will let you view and analyze visitors' data like where they come from, which pages are viewed, amount of time spent on different pages etc. This will help you measure your website's performance.

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Google Webmasters Tools for better SEO

Optimize your website for better performance in Search Engines - Google Webmasters Tools setup

Google Webmasters Tools is a utility by Google that can help you check health of your website for better visibility and indexing by Search Engines.

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Website updates and support - 6 hours of website maintenance

If you prefer us to maintain updates in your website, the package includes six hours of maintenance for first year. You can always purchase maintenance plans if you need additional hours.

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Now eemlee is powered by AUMIZ - a powerful CMS created exclusively for Google App Engine, cloud servers by Google

A static website with fixed number of pages is not enough for many small businesses and they needed features to update their websites on their own. Moreover, we also know that SEO and ...

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What is the difference between a website created with eemlee package and a business website created for Rs. 100K?

We offer both - eemlee package and the business website at a price point of Rs. 100k. We face this situation many a times when our clients compare the quotes and ask us what is the difference...

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