You will enjoy doing business using the Internet once you have a quality website and expert support of eemlee team.

We think in your favor

You will have a team of experienced web professionals as your friends who will always think about growth of our business. Transparency, authenticity and passion for quality - these are the terms that define us.

A trusted name since 2008

Wrofit, the team behind the idea of eemlee is a trusted name in web domain for more than 7 years now. We believe and live the philosophy that our clients are our real assets and we exist to make them happy.

Best servers on the planet earth

Your website will be powered by AUMIZ - a platform (CMS) that runs on Google App Engine (cloud servers by Google). Putting it humbly, we are the creators of AUMIZ CMS.

Lowest price, guaranteed

Price matters when it comes to business decisions. You will find our pricing lowest when you do apple-to-apple comparison with any website package in the world.

You will be in the driver's seat

You can add & update, enable & disable contents & features of your website as and when you wish. Or we can take care of all the updates if you wish.

Customisation for your specific needs

If you have any additional requirements specific to your business or sector, just let us know and we will take care of it. AUMIZ CMS provides extension points for many use cases.

Go online in flat 15 days

In business, every moment is an opportunity. With eemlee, you can take your business online in flat 15 days or even in 7 days if you wish. The only requirement is you should be ready.

Awesome customer service

The most important - you will get super quick (mostly, the same day), highly positive support if you face any problem or need expert guidance on how to optimise your website for better conversion.

What you will get in the eemlee package

Now eemlee is powered by AUMIZ - a powerful CMS created exclusively for Google App Engine, cloud servers by Google

A static website with fixed number of pages is not enough for many small businesses and they needed features to update their websites on their own. Moreover, we also know that SEO and ...

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What is the difference between a website created with eemlee package and a business website created for Rs. 100K?

We offer both - eemlee package and the business website at a price point of Rs. 100k. We face this situation many a times when our clients compare the quotes and ask us what is the difference...

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